Ribbit Rabbit

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Ribbit Rabbit logo
Released on 12/04/2022
Made by Kieran Penrice
Download: https://reverendmalerik.itch.io/ribbit-rabbit

Help Ribby catch yummy carrot-flies for his lunch across 40 fun levels of ever more devious puzzles! Encounter traps, mazes, and monsters across four zones!

Learn the basics and avoid the obstacles in the Slimy Swamp!

Flick switches and avoid sharks on Buzzy Beach!

Turn cranks and shake things up in Creepy Cave!

Finally, it will take all the skills you have learned to survive the final confrontation at the top of Magma Mount!

Available on Itch.io for $1 or more, with a 4 level demo available as a free download so you can try the game before you purchase!