Playtime: Weird Clocks

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Playtime: Weird Clocks logo
Released on 2022-07-05
Made by AdamsImmersive

A collection of over 40 clocks of all kinds—analog, digital, and “low-state”—in one Playdate app.


  • Analog, digital, and “low-state” clocks. Some are more conventional, some resemble game screenshots, and some are more experimental, artistic, or puzzle-like.
  • Use the d-pad and crank as a fidget toy: play with the time and see how each clock works. Each clock also has its own (A) button fidget function.
  • Some clocks include the date and day of the week. Digital clocks support both 12- and 24-hour time.
  • Gallery grid to quickly preview the clocks, each with its own customization settings and explanation of how to read the time.
  • Ideally used while the Playdate is charging, but designed to be efficient enough to run for hours on battery as well. Some clocks have an on-screen battery meter, which shows the % number whether plugged in or not.
  • Automatically prevents system sleep until the battery reaches a level of your choosing. Then it reverts to the system’s built-in low-power sleep clock.
  • Launches the same as any Playdate game. Your chosen clock, and your settings for all clocks, are remembered for next launch.
  • Extensive built-in documentation with embedded illustrations, in a large, readable font.
  • Check for updates by pointing your phone camera at the screen.
  • Display colors invert briefly twice an hour (or just once a day if you prefer, or from midnight to noon) to avoid image retention, just in case that might be a possibility with this hardware.
  • Musical interface sounds.