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Kranker logo
Released on 2022-05-14
Made by Samir
Download: github
24 KB

Kranker is an idle/incremental game for the playdate that I am working on for fun in my free time. I have no idea how fast I will be able to update this or even what I am planning on doing but I wanted to try making a game while showing my progress.

I am open to any suggestions and ideas for the game or just let me know what kinds of things you like from other idle and incremental games.

If you would like to know more about the game please check out the devlog section and thanks for checking out Kranker on playdate!

Turn the crank and make the "Total" go up. That's it... for now... hopefully. Oh, and there's some circles that you can look at. Ticks currently represents the vale being passed into the function playdate.getCrankTicks().