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Crayons logo
Released on N/A
Made by Panic
Download: Unreleased
84.6 KB.

Unleash your creative potential in glorious black and white.
-Crayons' game description

Crayons is an unreleased drawing application, developed by Panic sometime around 2020. It was never released officially, and its current status is unknown. In April of 2023, a build of the tool leaked online that can be played on the device using patches. The leaked version was dated to have been built on September 22nd, 2020.


Crayons is a basic drawing tool, featuring a very simple arsenal of tools such as a paintbrush (black or white), and the ability to clear the screen to a blank slate. Pictures drawn in the app can be saved to an in-app gallery, and can be exported through Data Disk Mode.



The drawing screen contains a 32px by 32px square canvas, which the player can navigate by using the buttons on the D-pad. Holding the A button while moving draws with a 1px-wide black paintbrush, and holding the B button draws with a white paintbrush. Moving left will access a few other functions, such as Erase - denoted by a paint roller icon - which will reset the canvas to a blank slate, either black or white (depending on which button the player presses to select the button). You can also name the drawings using the on-screen keyboard. Drawings can be named anything, up to eight characters long.


Drawing progress is automatically saved between sessions. Selecting the page icon in the drawing screen brings you to the Gallery, where you can see past drawings and select a new canvas to edit. The Gallery can hold up to 99 different drawings.


Drawings are saved to the player's Data folder on their console, as unmarked PDI files. Appending the .pdi extension to the names of these files lets them appear as proper PDI files, which can be previewed, decompiled and saved.