Conquest of Helios

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Conquest of Helios logo
Released on 2022-06-05
Made by Jongjungbu
110 KB

Description from page:

Conquest of Helios is a petit strategy game for the Panic Playdate handheld in the vein of grand strategy games from the NES and Gameboy era. Build your army towards the ultimate goal of ruling the entire continent of Helios. Think of Risk but with a bit more complexity.

Choose from 1 of 7 countries with varying starting bonuses Compete against computer-controlled opponents Use trade and development to increase your wealth Try diplomacy to buy yourself some time on your path to total conquest Easy Mode: Learn the mechanics or have a quick and light play session Hard Mode: Take on a tougher challenge where exploring other options may be necessary Conquest of Helios features a single manual save file, and definitions of game mechanics are provided in the Help menu.