Cave Circle Helper

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Cave Circle Helper logo
Released on 2022-apr-22
Made by BlueLlama
121 kB

Description from page:

CCH is a tool to help you lay out circles and spheres within Minecraft or Lego or other square/voxel based games or whatever.

It has sphere sizes from 3 to 64 voxel diameters, and it remembers exactly where you are in the sphere so you can stop to play another game, and when you return, you can just continue right where you left off.

It has indicators to show where the center of the slice is, where the center of each of the edges are, diagonals for symmetry, and also indicates every 5th block to help you figure out where you are in the circle.

When you select a new diameter, it auto-zooms in to show you the best view of a quadrant.


  • A / B buttons - select the sphere diameter
  • Up/Down on d-pad - select the slice in the current sphere to look at
  • Crank or Left/Right on d-pad - zoom in and out of the current slice