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Released on 2022-10-06
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The game has a total of 175 ghosts to catch! With 25 exclusive ghosts in each game. A list of the ghosts can be found in the table below. Ghost list table


The game has you catching ghosts using the playdates Gyro controls. While the Playdate is parallel to a level surface, tilt the Playdate so that your cursor is inside a circle. Once inside, crank as fast as you can to catch the ghosts! If you catch a ghost fast enough you may be lucky to get some extra materials and a better catch score.


Waiting for Ghosts =

Overtime the GHOST SIGNAL STRENGTH will fill up and you'll be able to catch a ghost! To make this process go faster you can crank your console, pick up sound on the microphone, or tilt the Playdate.

Catching Ghosts =

The game uses the crank to catch ghosts.

The accellerometer is used to position your cursor over circles that appear in the ghost catching window. The circle will gradually close as you crank until it disappears and a new circle appears.


There are a total of 175 ghosts to collect, 140 ghosts in Gen 1 with 25 exclusive ghosts for each game, and 35 ghosts in Gen 2.

There are 4 badges that can be obtained for each ghost, they are

  • 5 Star badge (Top Left)
    • Obtain a Ghost that has a 5 star quality
  • Trade Badge (Top Right)
    • Obtain the Ghost through a trade
  • Miracle Swap Badge (Bottom Left)
    • Craft the ghost through Miracle Swap
  • Gen 2 Badge (Bottom Right)
    • Only obtained with ghosts that are apart of Gen 2
Crafting Ghosts

In MIRACLE SWAP you can craft any ghost to complete your collection and get a new badge on a ghost.


Before entering the game, press the menu button on your playdate to access some settings. Make sure to turn the sensitivity up to move the player cursor more easily while in the game.

Ghosts labeled as Shadow quality are exclusive to Shadow Gadget.

Ghosts labeled as Shining quality are exclusive to Shining Gadget.

There are no game exclusive ghosts in Gen 2 of the game.

Store Page Description

From the Catalog page:

Shadow Gadget is a passive creature collecting idle game that transforms your Playdate into an online-enabled specter catcher! Take aim at ghosts and suck them into your Playdate using the built-in crank! Keep your tractor beam on target to weaken the ghost and crank for maximum pull! Your precision and reflexes will be put to the ultimate test as you collect ancient and powerful spirits!

After you've caught a new ghost, be sure to visit the gallery to read up on its demented history and admire your collection! Brimming with over 140 ghosts, Shining Gadget has a specter for every collector! Shining Gadget features patented Spirit Swap technology that allows you to trade for your favorite ghosts using the included Windows application: Ghostnet

Complete your collection with friends or blaze your own path, the road to becoming the ultimate ghost hunter is full of possibility!


  • Systems Director: Hunter Ward
  • Creative Director: Matt Lasnicki
  • Game Director: Donald Trojcak
  • Narrative Director: Jack Lathrop
  • Artist: Jake Race
  • Artist: Nelson Ricardo
  • Artist: Adam Espino
  • Musician: Mucoid
  • Voiceover: Sora the Troll