Rocky Stairs

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Rocky Stairs logo
Released on December 6th, 2022
Made by PizzaFuel, Austin Petilo, The_LoFi_Boi.
Download:, Playdate.Store
9 MB

Welcome to the premier Third Person Endless Runner for the Playdate!

Run your way up endless stairs in 8 levels and 2 super secret bonus modes.

This game was made for the PlayJam 2. Can you CRANK IT TILL YOU MAKE IT? Page:


  • 3 Gameplay Modes
  • Dynamic Music
  • 2 Playable characters
  • Custom Animated Cutscenes
  • Accessibility Settings (including a Crankless Mode)
  • An all original Soundtrack by the one and only Austin Petilo 
  • A handmade Manual
  • 4 different enemy types
  • Funny (and sometimes helpful) quips
  • Collectibles
  • Stable 30 FPS on the device
  • And tons of fun and replayability!

YouTube Trailer