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Reflector logo
Released on 8/26/2022
Made by Justin Searcy
12.2 MB

Reflector is an action arcade game where you need to reflect incoming projectiles into each other in order to destroy them and stay alive long enough to get a high score. There are 3 different modes you can choose to play that each have their own style of gameplay. Reflector is made exclusively for the Playdate.

Endless Mode: Take on an endless wave of projectiles while collecting different powerups in order to last as long as possible and get a high score

Multiplier.png - Multiplier: Doubles the score earned while active

Extender.png - Extender: Increase the size of the reflector while active

Speed.png - Speed: Increase the player speed while active

HealthShip.png - Health Ship: Destroy when it appears to gain an extra life

Challenge Mode: Choose from a list of unique challenges that range from surviving as long as possible without the ability to move, using a projectile to smash all the targets on the screen in the fastest amount of time, or constantly moving and using the crank to steer. Try to earn a score worthy of 3 stars on each of the challenges

Target Rush: It's your turn to fire those projectiles back as you take out as many high value targets possible in the minute time limit. All targets you hit with the same projectile will be combined with any multiplier targets hit. Be ware of the x0 targets that will wipe out your score for a projectile