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Quest For The X logo
Released on 2023-07-08
Made by intellikat
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Set initially in 14th century France, Quest For The X places you in the role of Guy de Canet, a Knight Templar living during the final days of the order. Racing against time and the plot of King Philip to destroy the Templars, you soon come to realize there is more at stake than just the order itself. Control over powerful artifacts, knowledge of life's true origins, and the fate of mankind itself are revealed to you in the course of this epic and expansive retro adventure.


  • D-Pad
    • used to move
    • When bumping into objects is used to interact with them.
  • A Button
    • Used to select items in inventory
    • Use equipped item
  • B button
    • Open inventory


This Walkthrough contains major spoilers for the game!!

Enter the chapel. From the altar pick up the vellum. To the right of (below) the altar pick up the bucket.
Exit the chapel and head back to your horse. Take the leather strap from the horse.
Head back towards the chapel and head to the well south of the chapel.
In your inventory combine the vellum, bucket, and leather strap. Use this on the well.
Using the crank, drop the bucket to the bottom of the well.
Enter the chapel again and close the doors.
Enter the secret passage.

After the cutscene, leave the meeting room and return to the secret entrance.
Go back to the meeting room.
Equip your sword and destroy the left most cross with your sword and collect it.
Go all the way to the right. Break the wall to the right with your sword.
Go back to the left and give your sword to sir Arn.
Equip the cross.
Jump into the water and swim to the right.
Enter the first air pocket.
Swim to where the tiny crack is before the large bend to the surface. Use your cross to break through for another air pocket.
Exit the pond to the right (You can examine the corpse to the left).

Your horse is gone. Go to the chapel.
Head below the chapel to the well.
There is a person who will try and attack you. Head below the screen containing the well on the right side and loop around to the left side.
Get the woodcutter's axe from above the well.
Equip the axe.
Kill the man trying to kill you.
Examine the well then go to the horse.
Mount the horse.

Go below the inn and into the stable. Wash yourself in the trough.
Enter the inn.
Talk to the innkeeper to pay for your horse.
Buy food and drink and sit down to eat it.
Return to the innkeeper to buy a room.
Head upstairs to your room. Close the door.
Sit at the desk. Then sit at the desk again to read the letter.
Head to bed.

Wake up and head out of your room.
Head towards the stairs to meet the flaming figure.
After the cutscene, enter the secret chamber.
Read the goblet "Ezekiel 8:7 - "7 So He brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, there was a hole in the wall. 8 Then He said to me, “Son of man, dig into the wall”; and when I dug into the wall, there was a door.""
Go back to the entrance of the hidden chamber and to the left of the ladder. Walk through the wall.
Exit your room in the inn.
Equip the shovel and dig under the block and tackle hanging from the tree.

End of Chapter 1