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Released on 2022-06-14
Made by Hosted by PossiblyAxolotl
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PlayJam is a Playdate themed game jam where you get one weekend (and a bit) to make a game for the Playdate. Playdate is a small yellow handheld console with a popout crank giving developers a brand new way to control their games, learn more here (


Something's Missing


Avava by rantdom:


Redacted by Stephen Jue:

Nana's Words by Jerry Verhoeven:

Salt in an Open Wound by Crabaret:

Sail by mildinteraction:

Herbtales by ficuno:

Avava by rantdom:

The missing note by samplay:

Absence makes... by Olliecoe:

Plunge by Zachary Snyder:

Shrimp Boom by LowtekGames:

Shopping Spree by PossiblyAxolotl: