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Llamaddiator logo
Released on 2022-05-16
Made by BleuLlama
Download: itch.io

Description from itch.io page:

Llamadiator is an adding machine that will make your life of adding and multipling much easier.

Why add with a calculator when you can add with Llamaddiator!

The Llamadiattor screen consists of mode selection indicators on the left, and three 11-digit registers on the right.

The topmost one is the accumulator/result. As you use Lammaddiator, the result will be shown here.

The center one is the input value. This is the number you will be adding to the result.

The bottom one is the repetition value. This one gets incremented each time you add the input into the result. This is handy for doing multiplications, or for when you forget how to count.