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LlamaTonez logo
Released on 2022-05-03
Made by BleuLlama
Download: itch.io

Description from itch.io page:

Have you wanted to generate touchtones for your phone calls, but have been unable to since you're on a pulse-dialing phone and all you have with you is your Playdate? Well look no further!

LlamaTonez will let you generate all of your favorite DTMF tones, including "3" and the very popular "8".

That's right, you can do obsolete touch tones on your obsolete land line. This is possibly one of the most useless apps out right now, since it will 100% not be useful on your mobile phone, which, let's face it, is probably how you do most of your phone calls. But hey... a black/blue/rose-quartz box on your Playdate... how cool is that!?

okay, yeah. not very cool, but whatever... I made a thing!

LlamaTonez - Dark Mode

Don't like "light mode" and want to use it in a dark environment? No prob! I got you covered. Just switch it into "dark mode"! (Note: this will make the app even more usless, as you won't be able to see the screen in the dark anyway.)

Serious note: I don't have my Playdate yet, so this is only tested in the sim on my Mac.