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LlamaCarrot logo
Released on 2022-05-10
Made by BleuLlama
Download: itch.io

Description from itch.io page:

You are a llama, and you need to feed a carrot to Plindle the dragon, so that he doesn't eat YOU, since llamas are particularly delectable to dragons...

Explore the 10x10 dungeon to find the carrot, and then throw it at Plindle using the crank. If you fall in a pit, you will use your grappling hook to get out. But beware, there's a bat in the dungeon with you who enjoys picking you up and plopping you down somewhere else in the dungeon...

There are three levels L1, L2, and L3. With L1, the easiest, you start with the carrot and the hook. In L2, you start with just the hook, and in L3, you start with neither, and will have to find at least the carrot to throw at the dragon.

When you see a flashing item (hook, carrot, pit, dragon) it means it is in one of the neighboring rooms... to the north, south, east, or west. To pick up an item, just walk into the room to get the item. To fall into a pit, just walk into the room with the pit. ;)

For example, if you move to the east (right) from room B3, you will end up in B4. In this room, you see a flashing pit. This means it is in room A4, B5, or C4. If you move back west (left) to room B3, then go north (up) to room A3, and you don't see the flashing pit, you know the pit is not in room A4. So it's either in room B5 or C4. Move south (down) two rooms to C3, and see the flashing pit, you know it's most likely in C4.

Every so often you will hear little melodies which alert you to things that are happening. A sound like "du-nee, du-nee" means that time is passing, and the bat has moved in the dungeon. "bee-bee-bee-bee" sound indicates that a dragon is nearby. "dee-do-daah-doo" means that there's a hook or carrot nearby.

LlamaCarrot is a spiritual clone of the Mattel "Dungeons and Dragons" LCD game, which was a version of the classic game, "Hunt The Wumpus".

The graphics were traced...er.. rotoscoped by me, to make them sharper in 1 bit graphics for the Playdate. I also am borrowing the duck-dragons from the Atari VCS game "Adventure", as well as the bat... and since these are not the same colors as the originals, i've renamed them. ;)

Grab it for free, and if you like it, send me a buck. ;)

Additional Credits:

Chris Pallace - Pause screen and menu screen llama and carrot

Devlin - Running Llama