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Herbtales logo
Released on 2022-06-27
Made by ficuno
Download: [1]
88 kB

Description from itch.io page:

Herbtales is a role playing game demo about herb picking and meeting mythical creatures. You play as Mei, a bright child who has to carry out errands for her grandfather, as his herbal ingredients keep going missing.


Your task is to get the herbs that are on the errands list. If the herbs are not present, you can start a new day by talking to the grandfather, the day will pass and new plants will grow.


Left and Right D-Pad for movement.

Button B to open the errand list.

Button A to open inventory

Up D-Pad to pick up item.

Down D-Pad to throw item.

Use the Crank to orient the cursor on inventory.

Press Button A three times while docked, to turn on music.

Press Button B three times while docked, to turn off music.

Created for PlayJam using Pulp.