Goodnight Universe

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Goodnight Universe logo
Released on October 5th 2023
Made by Orange Thief

A micro audio game to fall asleep with about the heat death of the universe.
-Orange Thief's game page[1]

Goodnight Universe is a micro audio game by Orange Thief made in Pulp for the Playdate.

Send out audible pings and listen for replies. From the time it takes to receive a reply, locate and collect all of the probes.

Goodnight Universe is designed to be played in the dark, turning the Playdate's lack of backlight into a feature. The game's title screen also continually generates low volume noise to double up as a passive sleep-aid.[2]


  • Goodnight Universe was announced and released during Community Direct 2.
  • The game's trailer was created in-engine using Pulp and can be watched in-game by entering the Konami code on the title screen.[3]