Four Corners

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Four Corners logo
Released on 2022-12-13
Made by Scenic Route Software
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Four Corners is an energetic puzzle game that asks you to do something simple - make rectangles.

That's it, really!

Ok, not really. As the name implies, it's the corners that matter. Each corner of your rectangle must be the same color, and there are three different colors and a hundred squares to choose from.

Then there's the timer. And a square counter that demands a certain number of squares. And every time you fill it up, it just wants even more. But your time is limited, so things get exciting pretty quickly.

Oh! And did we mention there are Bombs? Because there are bombs. And a bunch of bonuses to help you out along the way.

Rectangles! Bombs! Bonuses! Are you a Corner Master?


  • Thrilling rectangle-creating action!
  • An original soundtrack featuring five great songs.
  • The Voice of the Grid, cheering you on.
  • Three difficulty modes, each with a slightly more demanding time requirement.
  • Global high scores for each mode.
  • And more!


  • Programming: S.G. Chipman
  • Voice, Music and SFX: John Clarkson