Escape the Arcade

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Escape the Arcade logo
Released on Dec 8th 2023
Made by Julie and Anders Bjørnskov
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"Escape the Arcade" is an interactive comic adventure packed with mind-bending puzzles to help you crack your way out.

Picture this: you're enjoying a casual afternoon at the arcade hall in the 1980s. You decide to try your luck with the crane claw machine, hoping to snag some teddies - what could possibly go wrong?

Suddenly, with a puff, you find yourself inside the machine, and to top it off, you've shrunk to the size of a teddy! The teddy bears, not accustomed to having humans in their domain, attempt to trap you.

Within the arcade machine, they've created a series of quirky worlds with mysterious, and occasionally adorable, puzzles for you to solve.

Embark on this nostalgic and absurd journey, immersing yourself in cool illustrations and cryptic riddles.