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Cranner logo
Released on 2022-07-22
Made by Whitebrim

════════ Cranner ════════

Do you like Offline T-Rex? Then try to run as far as possible with our crab!

Cranner crab.gif

Cranner is not only simple jumps, but complex dodges and interesting opponents! Don't expect that all enemies will stand still, but be prepared for surprises. There is also an interesting slowdown mechanic and a wonderful ost will pull you back to the races.

══════════════════════ Features ════════════════════

  • Local leaderboard
  • Music/SFX
  • Responsive controls
  • Nice pixelart
  • 40 fps

══════════════════════ Portals ═════════════════════

Cranner portal.png

The slowdown system works with the help of portals. When you pass through a working portal,
your speed will decrease to 3.5 pix/sec. Each subsequent passed through portal will increase
this value by 0.5 pix/sec (3.5, 4, 4.5, etc). Look at the current speed, it may be more profitable
to wait for the next portal.

══════════════════════ Credits ═════════════════════

Code: Whitebrim

Art: Rudykh Anna

Music: James Gameboy

Libs: NobleEngine, AnimatedSprite (originally written for this game)

═════════════════════ Gameplay ════════════════════

══════════════════════ Gallery ═════════════════════

Cranner eel.gif