Coin Germs

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Coin Germs logo
Released on 2022-jan-20
Made by raspberrybrain
62 kB

From itch description:

Summary Coin Germs is a simple platforming game, like something you'd find on a Game and Watch. You run around each level, climbing ladders and avoiding germs as they fly upwards from the floor while you collect as many coins as possible. Keep an eye out for the warnings before a germ comes flying out and hits you, or it's game over! Your high score will be saved and you'll see it at the end of every run. Just keep going!

Thanks for playing - I hope you like it!

Controls D-pad Press up to jump and climb up ladders, press up twice to double jump. When standing over a gap in the floor, press down to fall through the gap.

Press left and right to move in those directions. Moving all the way to one side of the level will make you come out the opposite side, which is sometimes necessary to avoid flames. When on a ladder, pressing left or right will make you fall off the ladder to the ground.

A button If you need a refresher on the instructions, just press the A button any time for help.

B button The longer you play the game, you'll get to hear a few different songs. You can always stop or start the music by pressing the B button.

Crank The speed of the germs increases each level, but if you want a more relaxed experience, you can turn the crank towards you and slow the germs down. Or if you want a more difficult experience right off the bat, you can spin the crank away from you and it will speed the germs up.