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Released on 2023-06-16
Made by Pixelated Opus LLC
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This game was apart of Catalog Drop 13

Store Page Description

Embark on a epic quest of revenge in this nostalgic retro action platformer. Exclusively built for the playdate. Play as Gawain, the last remaining knight of the round table and fight your way through the evil that Morgana has unleashed onto this world. Take down epic bosses with the aid of Merlin and Gwenevere in the fight to reclaim Tintagel Castle from the evil Sorceress Morgana.


  • Stage based action platforming
  • Over 25 unique enemies
  • Epic boss fights
  • Unique spells
  • Nostalgic chiptune music
  • Player Reception

"I've been wanting a classicvania on my playdate more than anything else and this game delivers"

"Thanks for making a quality game! totally reminds me of playing castlevania adventure on the original game boy back in the day. good stuff!"

"I'm glad to finally have a serious action platformer on the Playdate."

"Game is so much fun and reminds me of old school castlevania"


Castle Tintagel features three different accessibility settings to help lower the difficulty of the base game.

  • Weakened Enemies - This setting decreases the amount of hits an enemy would need to take. For example, an enemy that would take two hits now only take one.
  • Increased Checkpoints - This increases the number of checkpoints to every single room. Without this setting the player may respawn in the previous room.
  • Unlimited lives - Instead of the player being limited to three lives this puts no life limit on the game allowing the player to die as many times as needed.


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