Bird and Beans

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Bird and Beans logo
Released on May 11th, 2022
Made by Madvogel
Download: [1]
29 MB

In Bird and Beans, you play as a small bird named Pyoro trying to eat seeds from the sky before they destroy the platform you are standing on. This is a faithful port/remake of the original game, which was a launch title for the Nintendo DSi, originally released outside of Japan in 2009. The DSiWare original itself is a port of the mini-game "Pyoro" from the first WarioWare title on the Gameboy Advance.

Download or view the source code on Github [2]!


  • All the classic Pyoro gameplay you know and love
  • 1-bit remakes of all the original sprites
  • Optional crank controls for Pyoro's tongue
  • Dynamic soundtrack
  • True-to-the-original tongue physics
  • High score tracking
  • Verified to run great on device!