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Addled logo
Released on June 26th, 2022
Made by playdateStephen

Description from itch page:

A long time ago, on pre-iPhone mobiles, a little puzzler called 'Addled' appeared, made a little splash and then disappeared again.

Now Addled is back! In a new century on a new device, looking for new fans to confuse and confound!

Spread joy in the Addled Universe by bringing friends together. You can drag the dodgy denizens of Addled left or right until they meet up and leave for a better party. But be warned, gravity is your enemy. Drag someone off a ledge and they'll fall, and you won't be able to lift them back up again. Careful forward planning is required to get everyone to their buddies.

There are 200 levels of increasingly diabolical puzzles to solve, with not just gravity getting in the way. Teleports and fans move blocks around in sometimes useful, but just as often disastrous ways. This is not for the faint hearted!