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ART&.. More logo
Released on 2023-04-25
Made by Ledbetter Games
Download: Catalog,

From the Catalog page:

ART&.. More is a 1-bit ART gallery for Playdate Catalog with Collecting and Arcade gameplay!

Updated! v1.60 changelog below

Your character, Bop, is a little floating eyeball enjoying the new exhibits. As Bop, you will wander through the gallery, talk to patrons, visit the giftshop and explore the grounds!

ART&.. More is a follow-up to ART7 and ART-O-Ween and is a Full Rebuild of the ART Gallery environment with all-new Exhibits from fantastic Playdate developers as well as Arcade games.. and other secrets to uncover!

Updates in v1.60:

  • Enhancements to HEAVEN & Lazer Shark arcade games
  • Adds the all-new gamble shooter SLOTMACHINEGUN
  • Enhancements to Fishing to make the Xaniaquarium easier to fill out and complete
  • Minor fix to the Memory Portal
  • FREE ART Series Guidebook and ongoing FREE ART gallery series (ARTtOOs) at the link below!

Designed and Produced by Ledbetter Games, Dylan Warren

Music by Kevin Flatt, David Boyd and Dylan Warren

Accessibility: ART&.. More has very chill at-your-own-pace gameplay, and features an autosave system so that you can leave at any time.