Whitewater Wipeout

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Whitewater Wipeout logo
Released on Season 1, Week 1
Made by Chuhai Labs
Download: Comes preinstalled on the device[1]

Whitewater Wipeout is a surfing game developed by Chuhai Labs. The game was made as a spiritual successor to the surfing minigame in California Games.

The game involves using the crank to control the surfer on the wave, with neutral (pointing at the player) crank causing the player to ride the wave horizontally, with the crank being pointed up and down moving to the top and bottom of the wave. When the player leaves the wave and goes into the air, the crank controls spinning, with more spins earning more points, and combos resulting in a speed boost. The player must come back down onto the wave pointing straight down or close to it in order to land; if they don't, or if they move below the bottom of the wave, or if the wave catches up with the player and overcomes them, they lose a life, with three lost lives resulting in the end of the game. The game has both online and local highscore boards.