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Catalog logo
Released on 2023-03-07
Made by Panic
Download: Automatic
36.3 MB

Catalog is the official storefront from Panic, accessible both on-device and on Playdate's website, allowing people to purchase and download a curated selection of games. It was announced on the Early 2022 Playdate Update, and officially released on March 7th, 2023 alongside Playdate Update #3.

Unlike other Playdate game storefronts such as, Catalog features a selection of games hand-picked by the Panic team, including games made by Panic members, as well as games from third-party Playdate developers. Some games are brand-new and exclusive to the Catalog storefront, while others may have released elsewhere previously, or still be sold on other platforms such as itch.

Catalog's games are released in batches called "Drops", updated sporadically. The schedule for Drops aren't confirmed on a wide scale, but they're speculated to be monthly.[1] New batches of games are indicated by a blinking, aqua-colored light located on the device's Lock button, which lights up after checking in to Panic's servers.

Catalog Game Developer(s) More Information
Drop 1 (April 11th, 2023)
350px SquidGod and davemakes Info
350px Nino van Hooff Info
350px Mac & Matt Info
350px Pixel Ghost Info
350px Dustin Mierau Info
Launch Lineup (March 7th, 2023)
Carve Jr Chuhai Labs Info
Direct Drive DACvector Info
Playmaker Dustin Mierau Info
Skew Oiffy Info
Swap Machina NaOH
Zion D. Hill
Grand Tour Legends IORAMA Info
Bloom RNG Party Games Info
EYELAND Ron Lent Info
The Botanist Cadin Batrack Info
Tapeworm Disco Puzzle lowtek Games, Itd Info
Down the Oubliette RDK Info
A Joke That's Worth $0.99 kamibox Info
Reel Steal Sweet Baby Inc. Info
Recommendation Dog Sweet Baby Inc. Info
Hidey Spot Neven Mrgan Info
Word Trip Shaun Inman Info

(Spoilers!) Upcoming Games

These games have been teased to launch on Catalog, but haven't quite yet (as of May 19th, 2023):
• Gun Trails[2]
• Playtime[3]
• Shift, Greed, and Generations[4]
• P-Racing[5]