Arrow Match

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Arrow Match
Arrow Match logo
Release Date: 2022-04-24
Developers: GabKremo
Size: 1 MB

Description from page:

Arrow Match is a physics based hyper-casual match two game for the Playdate.

Game play: use the crank to aim and the buttons to shoot.

Make sure you hit the same form to match them and clear them form the board.

It offers a quick action in 3 game mode:

  • 1 life: one wrong shot and you are done
  • normal: you have 5 life, use them wisely
  • endless: play as much as you want, with as many mistake as you want. The important part is you having fun

The game includes 20 different form to match. In each game you will play with 5 random one. Oh and a Joker, that can be matched with any other form.

The game keeps track of your high score and your current scores.

You will find some funny sounds in the game as well.

How to exit the endless level? Use the "exit level" option from the menu. (Works in each game mode, not just the endless mode)