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Transmewting logo
Released on 2022-05-22
Made by calcputer

Description from page:

a playdate puzzle game played in portrait mode.

Tiny Cat invented a machine to create blocks of his favorite things (Catnip Blocks and Fish Paste Blocks), but the machine is too efficient!

help Tiny Cat organize the blocks into square groups and use Transmewtation Bolts to combine them into energy before they overtake the room!

how to play

match square groups of blocks with Transmewtation Bolts to create energy

bolts can combine with square groups across the room as long as there is a continuous link

chain groups of multiple squares together to increase your bonus combo and score more points

if the room fills up, it's Game Over- can you make it to the end?


in-game controls
Crank to move Tiny Cat left/right
A to drop blocks
B to rotate blocks

Playdate menu options
change difficulty mode (applied at beginning of next game)
return to title screen


  • there is no penalty for taking your time between/during your turn
  • you can continue to place blocks while square groups are combining to continue your turn and create bigger groups
  • groups connected to more than one matching bolt will use the connected bolt that has been in the room the longest
  • blocks that are combining will continue to match with new square groups formed until they become captured energy at the end of each turn
  • try classic and the other modes once you get the hang of pleasant mode to reach bigger combos and scores
  • see if you can score more than 100000 points or beat a 100 bonus combo!