Sussy's Floppy Disk-venture

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Sussy's Floppy Disk-venture logo
Released on 2022-05-28
Made by evechugslean

Description from page:

A complete re-imagining of the base pulp game

Play as Sussy! A little dude with a backpack who just wants to go and play some bedwars on his computer- but oh no! He left the floppy disks laying around his home and backyard (because you need floppy disks to play bedwars, obviously.) Find them and return them to the computer to win! There's also a secret one that unlocks a true ending (cool).

[ On a serious note, I did this as a way to get familiar with pulp. I'm not sure if I'll take this anywhere, or make any new games, but I must say I really enjoy pulp as a whole- It makes it really simple to create experiences that are pretty enjoyable! I don't actually have a playdate yet, so if you decide to use one to play this then lmk how it turns out! ]