Split Second

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Split Second logo
Released on 2022-05-10
Made by BlueLlama
Download: itch.io

Itch page description:

This is a recreation of the 1980s Parker Brothers game "Split Second", but on its side and without the glowing LEDs. For each of the games in it, you had to accomplish the goal of the game ten times, and are timed during it.

The handheld has a few games:

Mad Maze

  • Standard - the maze is visible for the entire gameplay
  • Preview - the maze is visible for about a second when you start
  • Invisible - the maze is always invisible
  • Space Attack (two variants)
  • Autocross
  • Stomp
  • Speedball
  • Currently, my development version released here only contains Mad Maze.

You are moving the ball from one side of the screen, into a goal on the other side of the screen through the randomly generated maze. You cannot move the ball through walls. You must accomplish this ten times to get your time/score