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Released on March/10th/2023
Made by Grhmhome - DOGN Labs

In this game, you have blocks coming from all four directions. You must keep all sides from filling up with blocks. You can clear tiles by launching your center tile into them.

If you get a match then both tiles will disappear. Every time you get a match, you get 100 points. You can get bonus points by getting multiple matches in a row. The more matches you get in a combo, the more bonus points you'll get. Every time you get 6 matches, your level increases. The higher the level, the harder the game will be. On the later levels, not only will you have to move more quickly, but tiles will spawn from all 4 sides more quickly.

If you take too long to make a move the game will make one for you. After each turn, you will get a new random center tile. The hud on the top right of the screen will tell you what your next block will be.

If one or more area fills up, they wont overflow, so you will still have a chance to clear those areas out, but if your tile lands in the center black square area its game over.