Playdate Stereo Dock

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Stereo Dock
Playdate dock.png
Release Date: TBD 2022
Price: Unknown
Connectivity: Magnetic charging pins
Inputs: Power button
Volume dial
USB Type-C charging port
Additional: Pen holder with space for 2 pens
Custom Playdate pen included

The Playdate Stereo Dock is an upcoming accessory for the Playdate. According to Panic[1], the Playdate Stereo Dock can charge a docked Playdate, and was designed to "look great on your desk". It is a stereo Bluetooth® speaker. It also acts as a pen holder. The Playdate Stereo Dock package includes a pen matching the color of the Playdate.

Package Contents

  • Playdate Stereo Dock
  • Playdate Pen (standard writing pen with Playdate branding)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • AC Adapter (Confirmed AC Adapters: Multiple power adapters for regions the Panic ships to)
  • User Guide