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LlamaTangle logo
Release Date: 2022/05/26
Developers: BleuLlama
Download: itch.io
Size: 64KB

LlamaTangle is a version of the game of "Planarity", originally written by John Tantalo. This one has been written from scratch in Lua for the Playdate.

The object of the puzzle is to rearrange the points so that none of the lines cross each other and none of the points sit on any line that isn't their own, or on other points, since that would be mathematically "rude"... or something

Use the crank to point the cursor, which is a line coming from the centerish of the screen. As you swipe it around, it will highlight each of the points on the screen. Once the point you want to move is blinking, use the D-Pad to move it. Simply move the crank to pick a different point.

When lines overlap, the game shows you where they are by flashing circles at the intersections.