Shrimp Boom

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Shrimp Boom logo
Released on 2022-06-29
Made by LowTekGames
49 kB

Description from page:

This is my entry for the playdate playjam1 game jam contest To be clear this is a prototype and it may or may not be worked on in the future. It is i nowhere near the quality of tapeworm.

The theme of the jam was "somethings missing" My initial thought was i wana make a shmup where the thing that is missing is hopefully the enemies. As development went on i had the idea to add more arms and that became the main thing thats missing in regards to matching the theme. Missing arms but you find them. If there was a full game id like to have sections where you have no arms Attal and have to just avoid things and navigate tunnel mazes. I chose a pistol shrimp as Im not a big fan of gunz and this is a natural defense mechanism.

It doesnt run at the best framerate on the playdate device. I did make a bunch of optimisations but still not the very best.

Play as a pistol shirimp who is missing his arms, collect them through the level to power up.


  • d-pad to move
  • a , b or crank to shoot your sonic booms

I am not a coder and I'm really surprised how much iv managed to get done in these 3 days. Im a copy paste coder, finding examples of things I want to do and copying and tweeking them, then comenting out enough stuff till it works. I programed in lua using the playdate sdk. I started with the shmup 2020 example project , swapped out the art and switched it from vertical to horizontal.

playable on playdate and simulator.