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Redacted logo
Release Date: 2022-06-27
Developers: Stephen Jue
Download: [1]
Size: 176 kB

Description from page:

Redacted is a prototype of a platformer for the Playdate made for the PlayJam. You play as an ink blob who is stuck in pages of novels. The only way for you to escape is to scribble out words and use them as platforms.

There are six levels. Try to escape with as few missing words as possible!

How to play: There are two modes: play and edit. To toggle between them, press B. In play mode, use the d-pad to move your character and the A button to jump In edit mode, use the d-pad to move your cursor and the A button to redact words You have a limited amount of ink in each level, indicated in the HUD. If you run out of ink, you can restart by using the Playdate menu option "Restart level" Use the crank to scroll up and down