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LlamaClock logo
Release Date: 2022-05-21
Developers: BleuLlama
Download: itch.io
Size: 73KB

Description from itch.io page:

LlamaClock is a set of clock faces for the Playdate. I will be expanding it and adding more faces over time. The faces are rebuilt from my old iOS/iPhone app "LlamaClock" as well as my "Nixie Clock" app.

Features/settings available:

  • Sound (tick/tock)
  • 12/24 hour display (where applicable)
  • Zeroes (2:00 instead of 02:00)
  • Five clock faces so far! (plus variations!)

Included clock faces:

  • Nixie Clock
  • * The four digits shown are hours + minutes
  • * Press (B) for minutes + seconds
  • * Press (A) for month + day
  • * Press (A)+(B) for the current year
  • Art Deco Analog Clocks - Up/Down to select variation
  • Binary Clock - Up/Down to select variation
  • Moon Clocks - Up/Down to select variation
  • Doomsday Clock